Frequently Asked Questions about Rim Guard and its use…

Where is the nearest Rim Guard® dealer?
Call us toll-free at 866-792-3700 and we will provide you the name, address and phone number of the Rim Guard® dealer(s) in your area.

How much weight will Rim Guard® add to my tractor?
Rim Guard® weighs about 10.7 to 11.0 lbs. per gallon. Usually, tires are filled to the 12:00 rim position or about 75% full. The actual weight is a function of tire size. Both front and rear tires can hold liquid ballast. Refer to the tire hydro-flation tables in the Documentation section to select your tire size, gallons of Rim Guard® required to fill the tire and the resulting weight added to the tire.

What happens if I get a puncture?
Most minor punctures in tubeless tires can be fixed by plugging the hole just like a car tire. First, rotate the hole to the top and remove the object that caused the puncture. Next, follow the instructions on the plug kit. Do not continue to operate the tractor on a soft tire. You will risk breaking the bead away from the rim and losing all of the Rim Guard®.

Rim Guard® does not require tubes in the tires. What if I already have tubes in my tires?
Rim Guard® can be used with or without tubes. There are no disadvantages to tubes other than the repair cost of a minor puncture. In this case, the liquid ballast must be pumped out of the tube, the tube removed from the tire, patched and perhaps booted, and then the entire tire must be reassembled and refilled with ballast. Repair cost is high, but there is little risk of losing ballast from a leak, and there’s no need to clean the rim as you would with calcium chloride.

Are there any disadvantages to Rim Guard®?
Absolutely none. Rim Guard® will prevent rim corrosion for the life of the tractor and it is environmentally friendly – more so than any other liquid ballast.

Is Rim Guard® the same as Beet Juice™? 

Yes, tractor owners across the country refer to Rim Guard® as Beet Juice™ because it comes from sugar beets.

Do I have to fill the tire 75-80% full?
No, any amount of Rim Guard® will protect the rim from rusting. However, filling the tire 75-80% will optimize pulling power and, just as importantly, lower the center of gravity and increase the overall stability of the piece of equipment.